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A way to connect and build friendships


Our connection and support services offers those who are in a difficult place either on or off the street the opportunity to connect with not just services but the local community. This is where people can contact us over the telephone or visit us at one of our connection stations or build trust and friendship at our daytime provision Staysafe.

We want to support people but also offer friendship and long term connection with those we can. As a Christian charity we are hoping that the local church will also understand that people need people not just food and that friendship love and encouragement is something we all need.


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The Projects we run to help Rough Sleepers get off the streets.

We provide assistance with Essentials, Support and Purpose

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Anyone seeking some help whilst on the street or at risk of going on the street can call us for a chat and a friendly ear. We are here to listen to help and see what maybe the best thing to do is. If appropriate we can also pray with the caller.

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Connection Stations

Working in partnership with other charities and faith groups we also attend a Community Meal provision. The aim is to have a support worker available during the times of the meal provision supporting the voluntary sector but most importantly those who may be in crisis at the time.

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A safe place to go for those in emergency accommodation. Offering a holistic approach to support, offering days of action, social activity and life chat Sundays with a meal! Hosted in a local church supported by local churches.


A group of people who help set our direction and influence the services we offer. These are people with the lived experience of having been on the streets themselves. This platform offers them a chance to be heard and influence how we help others going forward.

Hope into Action Homes

Working with a national charity Hope into Action, we now have a franchise in BCP. With private investors we are planning to buy at least 25 houses supported directly by local churches to help the homeless have their own experience of having a home. A unique model of church and charity working in partnership together to make a difference. Making a home takes time care and love. To find out more, have a look at

A way to receive practical help

Essential and practical supplies to help someone get back on their feet. We need to make sure everyone has access to food, showers and clean clothes.

Find out more - Essentials

An opportunity for training and community

Offering training and purpose for those we have built up a relationship with and are motivated to learn, develop and find employment.

Find out more - Purpose