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An opportunity for training and community

The third core element to our services focuses on offering training and purpose for those we have built up a relationship with and are motivated to learn, develop and find employment. Each trainee has a personal development plan. It may take time to build up someone’s confidence before they start to believe in themselves and their talents and abilities.


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The Projects we run to help Rough Sleepers get off the streets.

We provide assistance with Essentials, Support and Purpose


Trainee Personal Development Plan

Each of our trainees are individuals and as such they have their very own unique individual training plan. We have a trainee agreement which is a signed document of understanding between the trainee and the charity. Each plan has specific goals and aims plus records achievements.


Trainee Placements

Ex-homeless can be placed on either internal or external placements to learn new skills, build up confidence and improve their employability in the future. This may lead to improving life skills or paid work.


Trainee Aspiration Pot

Our TAP is a pot set aside as a reward for our trainees for their work. So each trainee can access the TAP for their needs or development. The money can be used to help finance housing, training, driving lessons or an IT course for example.

Carpentry Workshop

Carpentry Workshop

Our workshop offers a 3-month trainee placement covering workshop induction , machine operation and design and manufacture of recycled wooden products for our Doorstop Shop.

Doorstop Shop

Our shop sells handmade wooden gifts made by those we have helped get off the streets. We also sell high quality donated goods. (TRAINEE OPPORTUNITIES IN RETAIL)


Seed Team

Our gardening team offers a 3-month trainee placement for those interested in gardening. We help maintain over 35 vulnerable households’ gardens. Plus we help maintain the grounds of several churches. All aspects of horticulture and using garden tools and machines are covered.

A way to receive practical help

Essential and practical supplies to help someone get back on their feet. We need to make sure everyone has access to food, showers and clean clothes.

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A way to connect and build friendships

Connection and support services offering those who are in a difficult place the opportunity to connect with not just services but the local community.

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