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What We Do: BCARS Projects

We realise that we are all on a journey and for those who find themselves on the street its usually through a whole series of events or circumstance that have occurred in their past that have contributed to where they are now.

Some of this has been through poor decisions or mistakes they have made or quite often circumstances out of their control such as bereavement, poor health, or family breakdown for example.

Either way no matter whatever their past or the reasons, we know they have a great future if they can have some help along the way and have support off the streets.

Whatever stage you’re at – we’re right alongside 

The BCARS Journey

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Here at BCARS we recognise that the journey from the street to realistically not returning to the streets can take about 2 years. For some this is less, for some they may need support for even longer.

We have set up 5 projects in total so far.

2 projects to help people get off the streets:

  • Half-Time
  • Sleepsafe

and 3 projects to help people stay off the streets:

  • 2nd Half – Purpose & Training
  • 2nd Half – Buddies
  • 2nd Half – The Storehouse

These 5 projects help people on their journey to have a new and purposeful life and real hope for their future.

Get off the streets projects

A safe place to be heard

The start of the journey. Person centred & practical support by appointment.

Find out more - Half-Time

A safe place to sleep

A winter supported bed programme across our Churches. Offering somewhere safe to stay.

Find out more - Sleepsafe

Stay off the streets projects

A safe place to learn

Training Sites

Two training sites - a Training Kitchen & Café and a Carpenters Workshop.

Find out more - Training

A safe way for friends


We have teams of volunteers buddying our guests, having fun & enjoying life.

Find out more - Buddies

A safe place to share

The Storehouse

Where our restored wooden products are sold with a cup of tea and a piece of cake.

Opening soon - Storehouse