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Sleepsafe Mission Volunteer

2019 – 2020 Mission

OVERNIGHT VOLUNTEERS URGENTLY NEEDED! (Follow application instructions for Mission-wide volunteers)

We now have 2 new and exciting volunteering opportunities if you want to help rough sleepers at Sleepsafe Mission 2019/20. With you, this isn’t mission impossible, it’s life changing!

Opportunity 1: Mission-wide

Volunteering shifts will take place across multiple churches over a total of 26 weeks

  • First Half: Runs from 14th Oct 2019 – 13th Jan 2020 (13 weeks)
  • Second Half: Runs from 13th Jan 2020 – 13th Apr 2020 (13 weeks)

If you would like to volunteer for one shift per week for 13 weeks in either half, please complete both forms and return/email to the address indicated on the availability form.

Please note shifts will be allocated on a first-come, first-served basis. We will try and accomodate your preferred choice but we can’t guarantee this.

Opportunity 2: Specific Church-hosting week

If you would like to volunteer at a specific church only, or need any further information, please contact the BCARS team on 01202  429037.

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