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About Sleepsafe

A safe place to sleep

Sleepsafe drew to a close on 30th March with a 70% success rate of those on the project getting into accommodation.

Sleepsafe will not be available this year due to Covid-19 social distancing regulations. There are plans to reopen once social distancing restrictions are lifted.

It was the only project like it in Dorset – read on to find out more about its impact.


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The Projects we run to help Rough Sleepers get off the streets.

What is Sleepsafe?

Sleepsafe is a supported bed project run by local Churches in partnership, providing “somewhere safe to stay” to help people get off our streets.

We believe that everyone of us should be able to have a safe night’s sleep.

We all need sleep for our bodies to recover and have energy for the day ahead. If we can’t get sleep or food, our energy levels drop and we can become irritable and not able to concentrate or focus on things.

Imagine what it must be like to try and sleep on the streets where you are at risk of being assaulted or robbed, getting very cold, possibly even falling asleep and never waking up again. So four years ago, a project that originally started with BCHA (Bournemouth Churches Housing Association) was handed over to Faithworks Wessex to coordinate a Churchwide response to help provide a safe bed during the winter months. This then came under BCARS responsibility to oversee and direct. Every year we have made changes to the project to help improve the service we offer.

This not a direct access project as all guests are assessed on risk and need, plus their desire to want to get off the street, which is all done at our project Half-Time.

Temporary sleepsafe shelter within a church in Bournemouth

How Sleepsafe works

  • Basically, churches open their doors for a meal for the guests.
  • They are allocated a bed where they can safely sleep (volunteer and staff on duty) until the morning.
  • They have breakfast/wash/shower and are ready for the day.
  • They are given a bus pass so they can travel to appointments.
  • Supported by staff and other agencies we get them into new accommodation and move on to the next part of their journey.
“If it wasn’t for Sleepsafe I would have ended my life.”
Sleepsafe Project 2019

Impact of Sleepsafe

It is the only project like it in Dorset and from 2018 -19, Sleepsafe involved 25 Churches and 344 volunteers, providing 1500 meals over 5 months and helping 48 guests get off our streets!

We believe no matter who you are, we all should have access to a safe bed all year round because the reason for someone being on the street is due to their circumstances and not based on the weather or time of year.

tables and beds at Sleepsafe
Hot Meals

For the first time I feel like I matter and I'm cared about.