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2nd Half : Purpose and Training

A safe place for learning

Once people have moved on in their journey and managed to get off the street and into accommodation our aim is to help them keep their accommodation and stay off the streets.

Being in a room on your own with nothing to do, or perhaps the only thing you have to look forward to is going to the job centre or the doctors, isn’t very inspiring.

We recognised that people need something to do, something to aim for and occupy their minds with positive thoughts and ambition for their future.

Encouraging & motivating people is the challenge and people need others to believe in them, trust them and not give up on them.


stick men high fiving

The BCARS Journey
The Projects we run to help Rough Sleepers get off the streets.

Our Two Training Sites

So last year we set up two sites of ‘Purpose & Training’ for ex-rough sleepers to become trainees in a safe and supportive environment to help them have purpose. This is also a place where they can learn new skills and receive training to help them either improve their life skills or improve their chances of getting work.

All trainees need to be in accommodation and agree to commit to a 6 week training programme initially. This will be subject to individual reviews to establish progression or move on. 

We offer “come & see sessions” for all potential trainees. Each trainee when signed up will have their own portfolio of achievement which contains certificates and photographs of the things they’ve made.

Training Kitchen / Café

Mon 10 – 1pm

St Georges Church
118 Haviland Road

Here trainees can learn / achieve the following:

  • Preparing food / Health & Safety in a kitchen
  • Food & Hygiene Certificate
  • Customer Service / Customer experience
  • Menu planning / Working from a recipe
  • Shopping on a budget
  • Healthy cooking

Plus benefit from working in a team & having lunch together !

If you want a good meal at a great price why not come & support us.

If you want to become a trainee in the kitchen / café or want a referral form then contact us now.

hot food counter
2nd Half BCARS Training Cafe
St Georges Church, venue for the Training Kitchen & Cafe

Carpenter’s Workshop

Here trainees can learn / achieve the following :

  • Health & Safety in a workshop certificate
  • How to use hand tools
  • How to use battery operated & electric operated tools
  • Manual handling certificate
  • CSCS Cards
  • Make a wide range of wooden products for the retail trade
  • Learn tricks of the trade from an experienced carpenter
  • Improve their confidence to work with others. 

Plus much much more.

Opening Times for Workshop

Tues & Weds 12.30 – 5pm

St Michaels Church
Poole Rd


A bit more descriptive text to come…

Carpenters Workshop sign

Volunteer at Carpenter’s Workshop

“I help others due to the wonderful feeling i get out of helping others. It also helps me with my rehabilitation after my accident both phsically & mentally. This kind of boost you can’t get anywhere in the world. To be able to use my knowledge built up over 30 years to help others who have lost their way is amazing. We dont need to lead the way but help people with their confidence like I was helped. I received and now I am giving back and it’s great!” 
Carpentry workshop for ex-rough sleepers

So you want to get involved…

Great, if you want to become a trainee in the kitchen / café or Carpenters’ workshop then contact us now.

If you want to become a volunteer then go to our Get Involved page.