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We are a group of people from local churches with a common aim to help rough sleepers get off our streets and stay off our streets.

We started in Bournemouth in 2013 and we now have over 350 volunteers and 25 churches wanting to work together to help make a difference to individual lives and the communities in which we all live.

We have Leadership teams that meet 4 times a year, currently overseeing 5 key projects in the area (see What we do)

We work under the umbrella of our charity Faithworks Wessex for all our policies, values and ethos.


three stickmen with arms around each other

How we organise the support we provide rough sleepers.

Leadership Team

Setting direction and vision for BCARS responding to the needs of rough sleepers.

The team is made up of church leaders, vicars, pastors, chaplains, deacons and community workers. One of their key roles is to ensure the 5 projects are fully funded and delivering services that are needed and impactive. The meetings are chaired by Faithworks Wessex.

Leadership Team at BCARS charity
Some of our leadership team at the opening of Half Time

Our Staff Team

David Chidwick, Homelessness Project Manager at BCARS

Homelessness Projects Manager  
David Chidwick

Doorstop Shop Retail Manager

Commercial & Training Coordinator
Rob Cox

Hope Into Action Empowerment & Training Worker

Hope into Action Empowerment Worker
Jo Thorpe

Support Worker

Homelessness Support Team Leader
Claire Holly

Carpentry Coach

Carpentry Coach 
Leo Gwizdala

Volunteer Coordinator

Support Worker
Georgia Cull

Our Volunteer Team


BCARS volunteers

With over 350 volunteers helping we can’t display photos of them all.

Our volunteers are brilliant, giving up their time and sometimes even their sleep to make sure rough sleepers are safe and accessing the help they so desperately need. These are the unsung heroes of our community: just ordinary people showing extraordinary kindness, amazing!

Would you like to be part of our volunteer team?
See our Volunteer page.

daffodil bunches with thank you note

All we can say here is:

“Thank you to each and every one of our volunteers because without you we couldn’t run the projects we do or help rough sleepers have the hope they do.”