BCARS 24/7 Prayer

We believe in prayer and want to seek God’s wisdom, power, grace and mercy to impact the lives of those who are sleeping on our streets. We have invited Pete Greig, the instigator of the 24/7 Prayer movement to ‘kick-off’ our very own 24/7 Prayer Week initiative here in Bournemouth, Christchurch and Poole, starting on Friday 8th November 2019.

Initially starting with our Sleepsafe Mission 2019/20, we are hosting an impactive evening of prayer on Friday, 8th November at 7 pm at St. Alban’s Church, Bournemouth, BH9 1DW. Chaos Curb will be leading worship.


If you believe in prayer and want to really seek God to impact our community now and in the future… you can join our 24/7 Prayer week. It’s only an hour… with massive impact. Get involved, be part of God’s restoration programme.


Sleepsafe Commissioning Service 2019

Collage of images from BCARS church service

In its fifth year providing a safe place to sleep and support for rough sleepers getting off the streets, BCARS held a Sleepsafe commissioning service at All Saints Church for teams of volunteers and staff, church leaders and partner agencies. Coming together, an opportunity was given to ask God for His protection and oversight over the six month Sleepsafe Mission 2019 – 2020. The team asked that God would enable and equip everyone involved and recognised they can’t do this work without His help and sought His Strength, Spirit, Wisdom and Love for the Churches, Staff, Volunteers and our Guests.

Peter Rouch, the Archdeacon of Bournemouth preached about allowing Jesus to give us new glasses to “see as He sees”, both in terms of the needs but also in terms of the treasure in people (that may be hidden by crisis or years of pain). Time was given to celebrate lives changed in the past through the Sleepsafe Mission.

Last winter Sleepsafe involved 25 Churches and 344 volunteers, provided 1500 meals over 5 months and helped 48 guests get off our streets! The teams are looking forward to more lives finding hope for the future and thriving off the streets.