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The journey you take to get off the streets is ours too

The journey you take to get off the streets is ours too

BCARS   Support  Response   Helpline  07842 174241  

Mon – Fri  mornings 10 am til 12   (Excludes Bank Holidays)

Welcome to our website.
We run a new helpline, Monday to Friday mornings from 10 am til 12 excluding bank holidays. We help people who may be on the street and vulnerably housed to access support and services available locally. We also offer a powerbank library service for mobile phones.


How do I help a Rough Sleeper?

We are all on a journey in this life and we want to help those who are going through a tough time on their journey who are sleeping on our streets.

It’s our journey too because if you just took 5 minutes to STOP and READ this, you could save a life.  It could happen to anyone of us.

We are often asked “How do I help a rough sleeper?”

  • To help someone in the best way is to give them accurate information.
  • So much depends on the individual and also the time of day and what day of the week it is as services and support in any town will vary.
  • It is unlikely (not impossible) in reality to get someone off the street straight away.
  • Usually the best thing to do is understand what is available and give the right advice in the first place.

So in 5 minutes please read what help is out there and help someone get the help they need NOW.

“If we give the right advice today there’s the hope of getting them off the street tomorrow, it literally could be life saving. Remember someone’s journey off the street is ours too.”
David Chidwick
Homelessness Project Manager

Our aim:

Be alongside rough sleepers at every stage on their journey

– on and off the streets

The BCARS Journey

Here at BCARS we recognise that the journey from the street to realistically not returning to the streets can take about 2 years. For some this is less, for some they may need support for even longer.

We have set up 2 projects to help people get off the streets and 3 projects to help people stay off the streets.

These 5 projects help people on their journey to have a new and purposeful life and real hope for their future.

A safe place to be heard
A safe place to be heard
Temporary sleepsafe shelter within a church in Bournemouth
A safe place to sleep
A safe place to sleep
Carpentry workshop for ex-rough sleepers
A safe place to learn
2nd Half: Purpose & Training
A safe place to learn
BCARS buddies on beach visit
A safe way for friends
2nd Half: Buddies
A safe way for friends
wooden christmas trees made at BCARS Carpentry Workshop
A safe place to share
2nd Half: The Storehouse
A safe place to share

Find out more:


We are part of Faithworks Wessex, aiming to provide hope for rough sleepers. Find out more about the impact we have.

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In partnership with local churches and volunteers we run projects to help people get off and stay off the streets

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